The Disability Economic Empowerment Trust in partnership with the Department of Economic Development Environmental Affairs and Tourism through its programme endeavours to eliminate poverty, unemployment and achieve inclusive economic growth and human development for persons with disabilities in South Africa. Our programmes are coordinated from our head office in East London. However, our programmes reach all provinces in the Republic of South Africa. The following programmes are implemented by the Trust towards the realisation of our vision for an inclusive society. SMME Development & Support, Training and Skills Development, Employment Support Services, and Inclusive Education Programmes


Broadly the aim of this project is to provide for a training programme, and support for the establishment of hygiene and cleaning business owned by persons with disabilities. Through this programme, the Trust worked with various entities to facilitate training and workplace learning for the beneficiaries. The specific objective of the programme was to train 100 unemployed persons with disabilities, in the Eastern Cape Province. Broadly, the aim was to reduce the number of persons with disability at the risk of compound marginalisation, byproviding them with the skills and equipment to start their own cleaning business.


The Trust acknowledges that Small, Medium and Micro Enterprises (SMMEs) have the capacity to drive economic growth in South Africa, particularly in areas of high unemployment if these are leveraged and weaknesses addressed through comprehensive multi-dimensional support programmes. The Trust supported Sewing, farming and Craft SMMEs for persons with disabilities. Beneficiary SMEs are in OR Tambo, Alfred Nzo, Amathole, and NMBM.
The ETDP Seta programme was implemented in two stages. In the first phase learners were given productive skills required to operate in a cleaning and hygiene environment. These skills will allow our beneficiaries to start the following business, laundry business, vacuum cleaning businesses, car wash business, cleaning of hazardous environments business and general hygiene and cleaning business.
Figure 1 above show that, all the participants in programme are persons with disabilities, with a total orientation towards the youth
This project was implemented in Buffalo City Metro area, Amathole District, Alfred Nzo District, Nelson Mandela Bay Metro, and Joe Gqabi District. Phase two of the project related to the provision of starter packs for the purposes of running a business. All projects were provided with the starter packs required for the purposes of starting cleaning business.
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